Colline Map V2.0

Date : 2023-10-15 22:59:18 Report

Corn for Mash (CCM) can be harvested directly with the corn bar and the cutter, you will find a couple of dedicated bars and cutters in the game, unfortunately these are still NOT compatible with the "FS22_cutters_attacherJointControl" mod.
Added compost production with the possibility of direct purchase.
Added poppy, alfalfa, lavender, onions and carrots (find the vehicles for multifruit harvesting here on kingmods)
ATTENTION!!! The map is not compatible with the "FS22_VineyardPack_Italia" mod (the one for the Italy map generates errors) use the standard one.

EDIT by Swietokrzyska Wies, for me a beautiful and underrated map for fs19.
I was NOT able to get in touch with the modder DeMathias14 to get the permissions, if he opposes the publication the map will be removed immediately.
...................MAP REQUIRES LATEST GAME UPDATE TO WORK................

Credits: Manga1990AlepasturDeMathias14

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