Diekhusen Map V1.0

Date : 2023-03-09 13:51:58 Report

Welcome to Diekhusen, a fictional small town in East Friesland.

You can expect:
- 52 small to large fields
- 3 farms
- A contractor
- A small BGA
- A chicken coop
- A sheep pasture on the dike
- 6 points of sale

Since the map was based on Ostfriesland, it is kept very flat (except for the dike).
Most of the roads are narrow and are more suitable for small to medium-sized tractors and implements.
Before you start, you can choose between 4 starting farms: arable farming, dairy farming, pig fattening
or contractors. However, they can also be bought later via the plots of land. For the auto drive
Friends, have the courses already run in and will be loaded at the start (when asked whether the courses should be created automatically, please select "No").

Credits: ls_oldtimer - Deutz D8006-D13006John Deere Lanz MD250S

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