Farmtech Polycis 1550 (Manure System) V1.1

Date : 2024-02-12 20:04:44 Report

The Polycis 1550 from Farmtech is the bestseller of poly drums. The barrel body can transport 15,500 liters of liquid manure and is particularly impressive thanks to its very stable frame and large pendulum axles.

Changelog V1.1:
-Fixed some visual errors
-Driving characteristics revised
-Added support for Wopster's ManureSystem (The ManureSystem Mod is required for this function!)
-Farmtech docking station made functional for ManureSystem and can be coupled to the barrel (The ManureSystem Mod is necessary for this function!)
-Rear view camera added (The WorkCamera Mod is necessary for this function!)

Price: 59050 €
Capacity: 15500 liters

With ManureSystem support!

- Swivel distributor or trailing shoe linkage
- Different tire configurations
- Various stickers
- Underrun protection
- Precision Farming ready (John Deere Sensor)

Differences from standard Polycis:
- Axles offset (now original)
- Fixed some model errors
- Various model changes
- New rims
- Added configurations (underrun protection, stickers, distribution system, ...)

  • 15500 liters
  • 59050

Credits: MaxterTM

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