New Holland T5 Incl. Stoll Frontlader Pack V1.0

Date : 2021-12-14 10:20:16 Report

I still needed a small tractor for the stable work and the Giants, which is why I always did not take the T5 with me in the LS22, have now made up for it.
In addition, I also packed the Stoll front loader pack into the mod.
Why is the Stoll Forntlader Pack contained and not available separately?

Well, the reasons for that are pretty simple to explain.
– You can (unfortunately) currently only use the Stoll front loader with this tractor.
– There would be log errors in the tractor if the pack was not activated.
– The individual package would not be much smaller (MB) than in the tractor zip.

However, the steel tools should also fit in quick and easy!

Version 1.0:
– Disc tinted
– Exhaust gas cylinder changed
– new engine installed
– License choice prohibited
– Color selection banned
– Wheel color choice banned

Front loader construction color choice (My God, in such a word you can only come in German:
– all 8 standard RULs selectable
– Built standard wheel sets
– Stoll Forntlader Pack incl. Stoll tools added
– Color selection of the Stoll Packs adapted to the New Holland T5 colors

Credits: Farming-Freunde Chefkoch

Download File (23.6 MB)