Lizard Lw 1015 V1.0

Date : 2022-05-16 16:29:03 Report

The Lizard LW1015 excites with its varios application capabilities:
As a weight it convinces by the possiblity to change its mass between 1000kg and 2500kg by simply filling it with water.
Alongside water, it can also by filled with liquids like Milk, Diesel and DEF and is therfore suitable for the transport of Diesel to the field or to empty the milk tanks of smaller farms.

Due to the lighting in both travel directions, which can be switched by "unfolding", the LW1015 kann be easily attached to the rear as well as to the front.

Shop category: Weights
Price: 750$
Basic weight: 1000kg
Capacity: 1500l

- Main color
- Design color (for the barrels)

Credits: tametsi

Download File (2.0 MB)