Fast Creek Multiplayer V0.6.0.2

Date : 2021-12-10 09:45:16 Report

Do you want to play with fast plant growth when you’ve turned off the seasons?
Potatoes now grow to maturity and no longer rot prematurely.
At the south-western farm I moved the wall inwards so that you can no longer build too close to the map border. Building too close to the map border resulted in the PC or server crashing.
The corner courtyards are now leveled and therefore easier to settle.
Two further courtyards in the hills have been emptied and leveled (in fields 20/21 and 22/23/24).
At the trailer yard at field 51, I built open shelters. You can’t buy this farm.
I set the plant growth to 2 days for cereals, etc.
Field crops such as grapes, olives, sugar cane, poplars, etc. take 3 days and grow back.
Grass is ready for harvest in 1-2 days and can be harvested by helpers. It is a bit strange, however, because unharvested it falls back to an earlier stage of growth.

Then you can now play on Fast Creek.

The Fast Creek Multiplayer is largely the original Elmcreek, but with changed settings for plant growth and empty corner courtyards. With seasonal growth turned off, all crops on Fast Creek mature within 2-3 months. Like in older LS versions, you can harvest every second day (month) and let your yard grow quickly.

In Fast Creek Multiplayer, I removed the four courtyards in the corners.
Please write to me what else you would like to see in this regard.
This is how you can use the Fast Creek Mod to play on the Elmcreek with fast plant growth:

Start a new game.
Select “Fast Creek Multiplayer” as the map.
Make the other settings as usual.
You come to the Original Elmcreek, but with rapid plant growth when seasonal growth is switched off.
Go to the menu and switch off seasonal growth in the Seasons section.
Choose 1 day per month for the plants to grow quickly.
After sowing in a field, this field crop will be ready for harvest on the next day (month).
The courtyard spaces in the corners are empty and leveled and therefore ready for you to settle.
For example, you can use my Trailer Farm Pack as a courtyard building.

Credits: Oma Tana

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