Fendt 700 Vario Editions Pack V2.4.1.1

Date : 2023-08-06 10:22:55 Report

Fendt 700 Gen5 and Gen6 in the standard version and 5 other design lines. SimpleIC and InteractiveControl are installed on windows, doors, mirrors and fenders.

- Interior color changed to gray
- Added RealGPS PDA to the FendtONE display on the right side
- Updated DarkModeDisplay script to version 1.3

Info: The LS22 RealGPS Mod is required for the tractor! -> Real GPS

Engine configurations:
- Fendt 714 Vario 150hp / 110kW Gen5 / Gen6
- Fendt 716 Vario 171hp / 126kW Gen6
- Fendt 718 Vario 188hp / 138kW Gen6
- Fendt 720 Vario 209hp / 154kW Gen5 / Gen6
- Fendt 722 Vario 228hp / 168kW Gen6
- Fendt 724 Vario 246hp / 181kW Gen5 / Gen6
- Fendt 724 Vario chip tuning 296hp / 218kW Gen5 / Gen6

New design configurations:
- Bayern Gamers Edition
- Red Edition
- Green Edition
- Yellow Edition
- Blue Edition

Decal configuration:
- LSFM sticker on the lower edge of the windshield
- Decals on the door and on the right window

All configurations include a full LED light, some new lighting elements and a matching MICHELIN - AXIOBIB "Design Configuration_name" tire configuration with matching colors.

Color matching LED strips were also installed on the cabin floor.
Rim color configurable including new colors (e.g. gray matt)
Main color configurable including new colors (e.g. Fend Black Beauty)
Design color configurable (changes the color of the front PTO)
Added new sound.

SimpleIC and InteractiveControl installed:
- Door
- Skylight
- rear window
- Side mirror
- Fenders
- and the beacons
can be opened/folded.

New: Crop sensor configurations:
- White
- Black
- Bayern Gamers Edition
- Red Edition
- Green Edition
- Yellow Edition
- Blue Edition
- Orange Edition

Changelog 2.0:
- Added Fendt 700 Vario Gen5
- All tractors equipped with ISARIA Pro Compact sensors
- named config blocks

Changelog 2.1.0:
- Bug fixes on the Fendt 700 Vario Gen5
- All tractors equipped with configurable forest cages.
- All tractors are equipped with attachable and detachable (SimpleIC) stone guards.
- Fendt 700 Vario S5 (with FendtONE displays) now has a dark mode that is automatically activated when it is dark. Automatic can be deactivated with CTRL + A. Then the DarkMode can be switched manually with CTRL + B.
- added new rim configurations.

- All tractors now have a new Orange Edition Config.
- All tractors have received a new BKT tire configuration.
- Added VarioGrip for BKT and Michelin tires
- Added passenger
- Added new foiling

- Move to lsfarming-mods.com
- Added multiplayer sync for DarkMode displays
- Changed MSO logo to LSFM logo
- Fendt stickers on the bonnet now color with the design edition
- Various minor adjustments

- IfkOS system installed
- AddConfig script installed for easier configuration of the rim edges
- Added rim bezels to all tires except Nokian
- ISARIA Pro Compact sensors can be colored
- Revised DarkMode display script so that any number of displays would be possible.
- Conversion to InteractiveControl. SimpleIC entries are still available and can be entered again if necessary.
- Bug fixes for Patch 1.10

Credits: BayernAgrar - FS19 Fendt Cargo Console Prefab [ModHub]BayernAgrar - Fendt BeaconLights Prefab [ModHub]BigShogun - Tire Pressure ScriptIfko[nator] - IfkOS Script (AnimatedIndoorParts)Ifko[nator] - AddConfiguration Scriptifko[nator] - BasegameFixes ScriptRepiGaming - div. TexturenJulia - Fendt 700SCR Displays und div. TexturenNico DU 55 - Kuhn TF1512 Pipe Holder Prefab [ModHub]Danke fürs mithelfen und beraten insbesonders an BigShogun und ProdaxCH, sowie alle anderen.

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