Flatbed Service Truck V1.2

Date : 2023-05-15 18:16:57 Report

Changelog 1.2:
- Fixed front tire that was too far inside the wheel well when configured with lifted Vredestein tires.
- Edited the brakes to make the truck stop faster.
- Added an available snow plow. (Cost $4,000)
- Added a snow plow mount configuration to all lifted suspention options. (Cost $2,000 in addition to the original lifted suspension costs.)
- Snow plow can easily move snow that is the maximum depth allowed in-game most times in only one pass!
*For best results while plowing snow, speed should be kept below a maximum of 25mph (40 Km/H).
The truck will plow at faster speeds, but may contact small ground irregularities causing the truck to react wildly.

- Base price $35,000
- Flat bed can be used to transport bales or tanks to refill sprayers and seeders.
- Mobile fuel tank to refill your equipment.
- Realistic strobe lights for higher visability.
- Fuel tank capacity: 1000L.

NOTE* To fill the flatbed bed fuel tank, the truck may need to be pulled forward (or back) slightly in the refuel trigger for the game to distinguish the separate tank fill trigger from the truck's fuel fill trigger.

- Max speed 75Mph (120 Kph).
- 2 engine configuations:
Older gasoline engine - 262 HP. (Standard)
Upgraded Turbo Diesel engine: 645 HP. (cost $38,500).


- Fixed issue with crashing on some consoles.
- Fixed truck not casting shadows.
- Fixed tires not creating tire tracks.
- Fixed issue that windshield wipers did not work when it is raining.
- Fixed issue that the highbeams would not come on when activated.
- Fixed issue with truck not having adequate braking force in reverse.
- Fixed issue with truck not connecting to some gooseneck trailers.

*NOTE: To connect to smaller gooseneck trailers, such as the in-game horse trailer, the truck must be configured with the low gooseneck ball and without the additional toolboxes.

- Changed transmition gear ratios for diesel engine configuration.
- Various visual updates.

- Added additional bed configurations.
- Added additional tire configurations.
- Added another higher gooseneck hitch as an additional configuration.
- Reworked the stock gas engine sounds.
- Added cab clearance lights.
- Added rear work lights.
- Added mirror configurations.
- Made the fuel tank into a separate configuration.
- Made the front brush guard into a separate configuration.
- Made strobe lights into a separate configuration.
- Added more strobe light color options.
- Added exhaust configuration choices.

Credits: Macktrucker921

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