Glhd Solar Panel Extension V1.0

Date : 2023-12-23 15:05:03 Report

Welcome to the exciting world of Farming Simulator 22, where sustainability and innovation meet to form a revolutionary new mod: the GLHD Agrivoltaic Farm. This incredible modification transforms the usual farming experience into an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced adventure.

At the heart of this agrivoltaic farm are solar panels, solid structures capable of tracking the sun throughout the day to maximize energy production. These panels are the core of your facility, providing a clean, renewable energy source to power all of your agricultural operations. To ensure the safety of your farm, a water tank is also included, ready to respond in the event of a fire.

To manage this agricultural energy plant, an electrical transformer is essential. It ensures the efficient distribution of electricity produced by solar panels to your entire operation. With these building blocks in place, you are ready to launch your GLHD agrivoltaic farm.

The mod also includes other essential items to make your farm even more functional. A spacious agricultural shed allows you to store your crops and equipment safely. Additionally, a GLHD flag flies proudly above your farm, symbolizing this company's commitment to promoting sustainability and innovation in the agricultural world.

What sets this mod apart is its commitment to reality and sustainability. The prices of the items included in the mod are significantly reduced, as GLHD takes care of most of the installation costs, thus faithfully replicating the operation of a real agrivoltaic farm. However, for the farm to work, you will need to have an electrical transformer, a water tank and at least 960 solar panels on your land.

The different elements of the mod are offered at various prices.
Tracker panels by:
120: 10000$
Fixed panels:
The Hangar: 240,000$
The tank: 150$
Electrical transformers: 100$
The control building: 150$
The flag: 150$
Panel installation is made simple with different packs available, allowing you to choose between configurations of 2, 5, 10, 60 or 120 panels. In addition, these panels automatically orient themselves according to the position of the sun, guaranteeing optimal energy production. Transparent versions of the panels are also available to help you position them correctly on your property.

Be careful, when you place the panels in large quantities, they will level the ground, take this into account for your steep fields.

Finally, for total management of your solar panels, the mod allows you to control the panels directly from the electrical transformer, giving you the possibility of forcing their rotation in the desired direction. You therefore have absolute control over the energy production of your GLHD agrivoltaic farm, a revolution in the world of Farming Simulator 22.

Prepare for a unique, sustainable and technologically advanced farming experience with the GLHD agrivoltaic farm mod for Farming Simulator 22. Make your farm prosper while contributing to a greener and more responsible future.

Credits: YZAR

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