Goldcrest Valley Map V1.1.2

Date : 2021-06-18 22:54:19 Report

– Precision Farming support,
– Added new crops textures,
– Fixed a few visual bugs.

– Added placeables models on Farm,
– Added Oat, Egg, Milk Sell Points,
– Fixed Sell Points,
– Added new BGA,
– Added trigger to sleep in House,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Removed invisible models on Farm,
– Fixed workshop on the farm,
– Added Cows, Chicken,
– Added a Silage Silo next to a Cows Pasture,
– Added shed next to a Silo on Farm,
– Fixed worker on starting fields,
– Added paintable grass,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Support for Seasons,
– Added Sheeps, Pigs, Horses,
– Added Manure, Slurry Purchase Point,
– Corrected a Sawmill,
– Changed environment the whole map,
– Fixed Railway Silos,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Added new icons: Workshop, Manure Buy Point and Slurry Buy Point,
– Changed endings on map,
– Changed visual appearance forests,
– Fixed visual bugs.

– Changed the base of the map (terrain modernization is fixed),
– Added new crops: Rye and Triticale,
– Added paintable bushes,
– Changed the numbers of animals in pastures,
– Reduced farmland prices,
– Added the grain silo from FS17,
– Changed PDA,
– Fixed textures format,
– Fixed a lot of visual bugs on the map.

Credits: Puma 145

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