Goliszew Map V2.0

Date : 2022-10-02 12:16:59 Report

FS22 Goliszew V.2.0.0. updated with permission of the author. Changes.

-improved optimization

-fixed problems with placing objects, buildings and fences.

-added icons on purchases where they were not

-a few access roads to the farmland added

-reduces the number of scripts on the map

-corrected snow mask

-added more trees script, now you can place more trees without limitation

-Fixed all errors and warnings (clean log)

-access to some fields has been improved and added

-gates have been added to the starting farm

-added an exit gate at the pig farm site

-Crop change for the season. Now you can sow cereals in spring and autumn.

- four farms to live on. You can own all four at the same time.

- in addition, each culture to be purchased separately

- activation of objects after purchasing an area (land)

- all production facilities available in the basic version of the game plus the brewery modification

- for those who do not want to run a farm but only have fun, cultivate the land and harvest crops extra company to perform orders and contracts AGRO-AS.

- many of the buy-sites on the map introduce price variation.

And you can find much more on the map.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to set up the manure board in the configuration I wanted and we have to set it up from within the game. There are designated (painted) example locations but the choice is yours. Fences are not allowed on the map I am trying to fix this problem.

I wish you a lot of fun on the map.

Credits: Yazu.Moder.

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