Steinbergerwald Map V1.0

Date : 2022-03-25 17:52:50 Report

Welcome to Steinbergerwald
For the 1.0 Beta, a NEW Savegame required.

The pig farm (farm 1) has start vehicles
There **must** be 8 farms created (MP)
Farm 1 must be purchased with the first farm created,
Farm 2 must be bought with the second farm created, etc.
**if this is not done, the FarmIDs are not correct as intended!**
For the singleplayer game you need to use the attached placeables singl in placeable
Rename and add to the map under xml the
contained therein.
Replace placeables
The following productions have been installed:
Bakery production
Schocki Production
Sugar Production
Weaving production
The map is a beta version and is always under development, if you find any bugs or have other things then please write to us.

Credits: ZoddelZockt CJ Systeme NDS Modding FSven

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