Adelshoven Map V2.0

Date : 2022-07-20 08:05:13 Report

Changelog 2.0:
-Removed floating barrels
-Adjusted the spawn point in Cattle Trade
-Spawn point adjusted at dealer
-Moved starting point to housing container
-Trees removed from Field 7
-Terrain height adjusted
-Signs built in
-sound adjusted

Welcome to Adelshoven, the map is fictitious and is intended to represent a region in Central Europe. There is something for everyone when it comes to field shapes, as some fields are rectangular and others are very natural and curved in shape. The map was created for small to medium-sized farms and contains a lot of detail. In addition to agriculture, particular attention was paid to wine and olive cultivation and forestry. A poplar plantation was also established. In total there are 39 fields and four meadows. For all forest friends among you there are 23 forest plots. The cultivation of olives, vines and poplars was divided into 16 buyable plots. A total of 92 plots of land are available for purchase. In order to maintain the fun of the game, ten productions and six sales stations were installed. Selling points include the Bakery, Carpentry, Grain Factory, Dairy, Oil Manufacturing, Tailoring, Raisin Factory, Spinning, Grain Mill and Sugar Mill. You can sell your products at the country store, the farmer's market, the sawmill, the biogas plant and the biomass heating plant. Collectibles were also installed.

Credits: MN99/MN97/MartinN

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