Osiek Map V1.0

May 13, 2022 4:53 pm 25 Downloads

Hello, everybody. The map Osiek is a conversion of the map from 

FS19 with some minor changes and additions so that it works correctly in FS22. 

The custom 4x card includes everything FS22 offers and additional plants such as rye, triticale, millet and spelt. Lots of forests, 131 fields, 210 farmlands, all basic productions from the game and more.

Contains scripts:

-Animated Map Objects for the game version 1.4.1.

-MoreTrees, allows you to plant and put more trees

-Happy Horse, no more horses to ride

-Husbandry Limit Increaser, increases the number of stalls for animals on the map

-Collect Straw at Missions, allows you to collect straw on grain harvesting missions

-Place Anywhere, makes it easier to place objects from the game

-Refresh Contracts, updates the list of contracts

-Multiple missions, allows you to download several dozen missions (contracts) at the same time

There are no farms on the map, we have to build them ourselves.

For the start we receive:

- an old pickup 1986

-Easy Level 3 million cash

-Intermediate 2 million cash

-heavy level million cash

In general, the map contains everything that Goliszew has.

I wish you all a lot of fun in the fields of Osiek.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test all features on the map, so if you find something, please report what will be fixed in the updates.


Credits: Yazu

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