Hillibee Creek V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-08-26 16:23:20 Report

Welcome to Hillibee Creek, pronounced hill-a-bee, is a world in its own where you are in charge of your own future.

- Added more farmland total is 105.
- Added sleep trigger to starting farm.
- Removed animated prefab gates to farm 2 and replaced with wide in-game gates.
- Removed random light fixure and useless building by sell all.
- Replaced spruce trees that were loosing collisions.
- Made entire town functional for production and sellable.
- Added pedestrians in town and on some trails.
- Added traffic on roads.
- Added lights around town.
- Added Ai splines.
- Made entire starting farm sellable.
- Made storage silo a placeable.
- Made truck and trailer at workshop owned and sellable.
- Made farm separate farmland then forestry starting land.
- Made all fields individually buyable and sellable.
- Made large building by train wood point sellable.
- Fixed height of trees so stump may be more easily removed.
- Move mailboxes away from road some.
- Make roads buyable by themselves.
- Updated Stone Quarry ground texture and added lights.
- Added another creek crossing.
- Added street lights to neighborhood and porch lights.
- Added sidewalks.
- Added in-game collectibles.
- Made an area where you can cut trees and all trees of that certain type will delete off map.

Starting in New Farmer you have to make the choice of being a farmer or logger to start with.
With minimum equiptment you can sell off your unused equiptment to buy more for your desired path.
Weather you decide to become the best logger or farmer in the world, there is still plenty to do.

- 105 Farmlands
- 35 Fields
- 5 self owned fields in new farmer.
- Numerous production setups.
- Train circles half the map for logs, and grain products.
- In order to sell grain from the storage silos of the train they must be loaded onto truck and transported to sell point.
- Train Wood Yard has invisible sell point under shed so when train passes thru it sells instantly.
- Several 1000 acres of farming and logging.
- Custom owned cow pasture in new farmer.
- Custom sell point located at sawmill just for boards and furniture.
- A couple of creek crossing that arent listed on the map.
- Stone quarry in back center of forestry area.

Credits: Gamer Designs

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