The Lost Corner V1.2

Date : 2022-10-08 12:24:21 Report

Welcome to The Lost Corner, this region is totally fictitious.

- Removal of fences.
- Change of sample mod.
- Removed unnecessary ground textures.

- Fixed flying objects.
- Fixed cows (milk production available everywhere).
- BGA now allows you to sell bales without owning the land.

It is made up of several farms such as pigs and horses, cows and sheep.
There are 2 Agricultural and Forestry companies and this card is intended for medium equipment.
The large equipment is more intended for the south of the map with 2 large fields for the bravest.

- The average area of ​​the fields is 0.80Ha
- Fields: 169
- Purchasable Forests: 14
- Water point available at the river
- Collectibles available
- 21 points of sale available
- 4 Miscellaneous Purchase (Seeds, Solid and Liquid Fertilizer, Herbicide, De-icing Salt, Digestat)
- Also 7 farms already available for both solo and multiplayer
- 2 Repair Points available on the map with 2 stores also available
- Addition of 3 additional crops (fodder mustard, durum wheat, spring barley)
- Factory Base available
- Added pasta production
- Added realism with grassland for animal movement
- The crop growth plans are based on real French data

A new backup may be required.
This is my first map I made and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Credits: DezignFarming, Tina_Inc

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