Savonmaa Map V2.0.3.0

Date : 2022-11-04 10:34:53 Report

The nature in the middle of the lakes is very beautiful but you have to work hard to make a living in here.

- Added Multi-terrain Angle. (32 ground texture angles)
- Some changes on starting equipments

The terrain is rough and rocky, and cold and dark winter doesn't make things any easier.
This is mainly a forestry map but you can do whatever you want; crops, animals, production, anything goes.

The map includes:
-realistic landscape
-different forest types and more than 5000 trees.
-17 fields which are not all flat and square.
-Multi-terrain Angle
-buyable cowbarn, horse- and sheep pastures. All customized.
-buyable sawmill, grain mill, bakery and six greenhouses. All customized.
-fishfarming mod by VX mapping built in with some modifications.
-small lots for your production buildings.
-selling points for almost all of the products.
-vehicle shop, gas station and animal dealer.
-free slurry and manure.
-4 farmhouses, one smaller cabin and one tent with sleeping triggers.
-realistic scandinavian weather.
-custom crop calendar and soil map.
-finnish license plates. (by Mr_Mazzony)
-and much more!

Credits: Agame78

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