Hickory Valley Map V1.0

August 26, 2022 4:42 pm 133 Downloads

Welcome to Hickory Valley

Here you will find 7 fields,
Fields 1 and 2 are 105+ acres
Fields 3 thru 6 are 18+ acres
Field 7 is 14+ acres

Map has
-8 salepoints
-6 production points
-3 lime stations
-Chicken, Cow, Horse, Pig, and Sheep Pens
-Large Greenhouse
-Large Bee Hive with pallet spawner
-Water Station
-Animal Dealer has bale salepoint
-Traffic and parked cars, pedestrians
-19 Windmills you own in new farmer mode
-AI splines are installed but dont always wanna work, they are lazy at times
-100 Collectibles
-Start from scratch and all placeables are gone
-New Farmer Mode has huge lot of starting equipent

-Thank you HungryCow Design for the use of John Deere sign


Credits: Poorboy

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