Hipcreek Mp+Sp V2.1

Date : 2021-12-18 14:37:47 Report

Our converted Elmcreek is now ready for you. All farms are provided with functions on the map and can be used in full. If you don’t want to have the standard courtyards, it is also possible to sell everything that the area is empty and you can build your own courtyard.

Two sales stations were also built in, where you can buy seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, mineral feed and road salt. The two sales points are located in the north as well as in the south and can also be seen on the map. For all painting friends I have built in additional textures and thus have more options to adapt their surroundings more beautifully or better.

ATTENTION: There are two versions of the card. A single player and a multiplayer card.

Download single player card: All farms are coded on one farm and can therefore only be operated on one farm. One possibility, of course, would be for everyone to play on the same farm and for everyone to be run together.

Download multiplayer card: All farms are assigned to the individual farms. If everything works correctly, you have to assign the courtyards correctly according to the attached picture, otherwise you cannot use the courtyard and errors could arise.

Farm 1 starting yard
Farm 2 sheep farm
Farm 3 pig farm
Farm 4 cow farm
Farm 5 horse farm
Farm 6 chicken farm

Credits: [RSM] Marc, [RSM] Marco, [RSM] Toryen

Download File (569.5 MB)