Hof Talbauer Map V1.1

Date : 2022-10-05 11:51:10 Report

The classic from the LS19 is back.

Version 1.1
Dear Zetor took his time and made the necessary updates to the map ... so be sure to read it and then leave a lot of love for him.
- Animal grazing ready (since not everyone wants to play with this mod, we decided on the solution that those who play with the mod have to paint the grass on the pasture ingame)
So it remains visually beautiful for those who do not want to play with it.
- MaizPlus ready (if errors occur there in relation to this mod or in combination, you should first ask the FarmingAgency)
- Pump 'n Hoses DLC ready (bug fixed that the cowshed disappears)
Furthermore, we would be pleased if you report any errors that should still occur to us directly.
Have fun and thank you en Zetor

Welcome to Hof Talbauer, a map that arose purely from the imagination of Ka77e and made the team fit for the LS22.
It is a small map where you can find work and relaxation at the same time on an old established farm.
For the map you need the following mods:

MW courtyard BGA: small courtyard BGA
Purchase Stations: Consumable Purchase Station | ModHub | Agriculture simulator
Decoration Pack: Decorative Details Pack | ModHub | Agriculture simulator

What awaits you on the map:
- there would be fields and meadows,
- various sales outlets and productions,
- a small BGA,
- a complete farm with animals,
- Forests for the tree-hoppers among you are plentiful
- Municipal winter services on public roads

and much more that you can discover for yourself.

Credits: The entire MW team has contributed to this map.

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