Holmewold Farm 22 Map V1.2

Date : 2023-12-05 15:01:51 Report

Welcome to Holmewold Farm 22.

Added new bale types to bale sell point.
Fixed some foliage areas. (Ponti_074)
Enviroment volume now works.
Fixed distance blobs.
Tweaked traffic speeds.
Changed some ground textures.
Added Giants correct weather flags instead of minute of day for night illuminations.
Added pedestrian animations.
Fixed Flax pickup animations.
Cleaned irrelevant files.
Removed cuttable hedges to decrease the fruit count.
Removed Carrots and Beetroot to avoid platinum expansion conflicts.
Hopefully fixed weed cultivation.
Added BulletBill's crop textures
Changed Maize to BenjiFS's.
Changed Rye to OxygenDavid's.
Fruit growth now uses 1 density map instead of 2.
Grass now stays on ground in winter instead of completely dissapearing. [crop]
Changed some filltypes to match Jinkou89's Production points.
Added bale support for the goeweil dlc, MADE BY Jinkou89.
Added Relight.
Date of zip and update:04/12/23 Time:23:30

- A 4x map exactly replicating a picturesque area of the Yorkshire Wolds (England) using satellite imagery and real terrain elevation data.
- 133 fields spanning almost 2500 acres (1000ha); all have contracts enabled
- Wide range of field sizes from 1 or 2 acres all the way upto the largest at 70 acres
- Realistic 2 metre margins on all fields
- True-to-life replication of field layouts, buildings and yard arrangements
- 6 large farm yards all with built-in workshop triggers and diesel tanks (some with built-in grain storage facilities or silage bunkers where appropriate). Further outbuildings dotted across the map
- Custom built-in livestock pens for sheep, pigs and cattle
- 4 sell points
- Custom ground, crop and grass textures
- Animated gates and shed doors
- Fully seasons compatible

The map's size and abundance of yards lends itself well to multiplayer gameplay. Please bear in mind this map is equivalent to 4 regular maps stitched together and hence will require more computational power than a standard map.
I hope you enjoy farming in God's own county.
Converter notes:
All done as best as possible

Credits: MARVVV Yorkshire Modding Trickster

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