Idaho Map V1.0

Date : 2023-05-16 22:18:07 Report

I present to you the IDAHO map.

An optimized and lightweight map with large fields.

This map is designed to play with courseplay and autodrive.

It's an agriculture map, no animal is installed by default on the map, however you have a large yard to install the mod you want, there are very good mods much better than those of the office of the game, you have room to place everything in your yard. No map offers such a large yard as IDAHO map

IDAHO is a state in the North West of the United States, it is a state that offers a lot of export of potatoes, this fictitious map also offers a good export price for potatoes with the train.

Alfalfa is installed by default, you can collect it in bales or windrows, the farm silos are multifruit.

I also included a greenhouse to grow grapes and olives, no need for a mod to collect your fruits, you can use a dumpster from the game and empty your greenhouses.

This map and devoid of error and warning, there has been a lot of work on optimization and polygon collisions, this map is light and very fluid.

A small PC can easily run this map.

There are 20 fields from 70,602 hectares to 2,491 hectares. So there are very large fields to small ones.

Credits: Zoltatem

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