John Deere 6030 4Cyl V1.0

Date : 2023-03-04 10:22:12 Report

Engine configuration
(With PowerQuad transmission)

Wheel brand configuration

Wheel configuration
(Standard-Wide-Wide2-Wide+Weight-Dual Rear Wheels-Narrow-Narrow Dual Rear Wheels-Narrow Dual Wheels)

Front attachment configuration
(Holder-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-1150kg-front hydraulics)

Configuration of work lights in the cab
(Standard - Extra Front - Extra 2 - Extra Front + Extra 2 - Extra Front + Extra Back - All)

Configuring TLS and SCV pairs
(3 pairs of SCV-4 pairs of SCV-TLS+3 pairs of SCV-TLS+4 pairs of SCV)

Bonnet and front window lighting configuration
(Standard – Premium Lights – Front Window – Premium Lights + Front Window)

Fender configuration
(Non-Front-Front + Wide Back)

Configuration of beacons

StarFire configuration

Configuration of cabin controls
(Standard PTO Control – Premium Control)

Roof configuration
(Standard-Standard opening-Panoramic-Panoramic opening)

Front loader configuration
(No-Yes-Yes+Tool Box-Yes+Shield. Yes+Tool Box+Shield)

Basic material configuration
(Black Plastic-Black-John Deere Green Plastic-John Deere Green-Original Green Plastic-Original Green)

Configuration of structural material
(John Deere Green Plastic-John Deere Green-Original Green Plastic-Original Green)

Added interactive controls from Vertex Dezign
Tire pressure system
Improved model
Visual fixes
New real custom sounds
Groups and Gears have changed
Improved washable
Fixed fuel and temperature dashboard
Interior improvements
New and improved front loader configurations (fast and hauer added)
A new shield
New bicycle options
New bike brand Kleber
Improvement of the front axle
Fixed minor issues with connection hoses
The position of the exhaust particles has been improved
And many other minor improvements

The mod is ready for precision farming (crop sensors configuration ready)
Required mods for full enjoyment are: SIMPLE IC and UNIVERSAL PASSENGER MOD

Credits: 2VecniD_999

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