John Deere 6175-6215R V2.0

Date : 2022-02-14 11:55:20 Report

Hello at the end of the year I wanted to make my John Deere 6175R-6215R available for download, the basic model comes from Mr. Seme from the ls19.

Version 2.0:
Hello today there is the update from my 6R what’s new?
More front loader consoles: Stoll, Hauer, Quicke and MP-lift
Different front protections: standard, a nicer one from JD and a Quicke
Ultimate, premium and select edition stickers, purely decorative and when configuring, please make sure that you use the right ones, there are extra ones for panorama, so that they open just like the door itself
Warning sign is now collapsible via the X key
Additional JD terminal
Fury logos removed
Rear windows and doors open (thanks to Paw for cutting out the door)
Front PTO is selectable

What can he do
The John deere is available from 175hp to 215hp.
He has a few configurations
Different tires + narrower dual tires

Normal roof or panoramic roof
AutoPowr or Comandpro
None, Right, Left, Both

Normal, Pamorama
warning signs:
without or with

fabric or leather
fabric or leather
and you can add a John Deere front loader console

Credits: Kevin8228

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