John Deere 7430-7530 2007-2008 V1.2

Date : 2024-03-02 16:22:30 Report

*Advantages of modification*
Fixed/added lights
Full interior lighting
Fixed computer
Narrow-Double-BKT wheels
Weight configuration 0-900kg
Front suspension configuration
Gearbox configuration (AutoQuadPlus-AutoPower)
Exhaust configuration
Beacon Configuration
Configuration of rear additional mudguards
Mirror configuration
GPS configuration
238hp chiptuning

*Modification author*
Seme,MB3D,Emsfarmer,Kusen, Fix and edit TeoR

*Additional information*
Power 177-238hp
Weight 5.8t
Speed 50 kph
Base price 98,500

Credits: TeoR, Seme, MB3D, Kusen, Emsfarmer

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