Kinze 4900 And 4905 Blue Drive 24 Row Planters V1.0

Date : 2022-04-20 10:54:09 Report

The 4905 is the most advanced, yet simple to operate planter that has ever planted corn. Performance optimized with True Speed high speed meters, Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, and high speed cast row units to accurately plant at speeds up to 12 mph and finish planting inside small windows of time. Hydraulic weight transfer and True Depth hydraulic down force ensure seed is placed at the correct depth for optimum emergence and root development. Multiple row configurations and options are available to meet various planting needs."

I've recently been watching Kinze's YouTube promotions for their products as a way to pass time. And one thing I've noticed over the past week or so is the incorrectness of the Kinze 4905 decals in game. I thought giants may have model their decals off of a certain model year, but nope the 4900 blue drive ran for just one year (2019) and then switched to the model 4905 with new model designation and decals. 

To top it off, giants also have the model labeled as a 4900 in game. Thus, I set about fixing the ingame planter to my liking. I've included both a 4900 and a 4905 for whatever suits ones fancy.

The 4900 blue drive was kinze's attempt at creating a high output, high capacity, and high accuracy. The 4905 blue drive was the 4900's direct replacement with the addition of high speed planting capability's of up to 13 miles an hour. The two options reflect this change with 4900 being limited to 7.5 miles an hour and the 4905 limited to 13mph.

Change Log. 1.00
Custom Decals for both 4900 and 4905 planters
Tank color changed from pale white to a more accurate light grey
4900 speed correction to 7.5 miles an hour
4905 speed increase to 13 miles an hour

Warning: This goes for both the ingame and modded planters - some mods have been found to conflict with the cover opening animated. To fix, I recommend rebinding this key to something else. - H.

Credits: Large H Mapping

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