Map Moorgrund V1.0.0.4

Date : 2022-07-12 11:51:56 Report

Hello LS22 and Moorgrund friends,
With the last update, 2.0.03 . A couple of small mistakes crept in.

I have now fixed the error with update!

Furthermore, I have added small things to the map:
– Field edge liquid manure and fermentation residues shaft were installed
– Road entrance to the BGA was built up to the gate
– 2 halls were replaced by a large hall and a passage hall
– The exposure has been revised (brightness is the same as with all maps)
– Time of day is now from 6am to 10pm
– All buying stations on the farm for seeds etc. are now a separate warehouse with buy and store

The LOG is free of errors
This is a final version, but if there are still errors, they will of course be fixed.

Danger!! Version is with manual gates and barriers.
If you are interested in automatic gates and barriers, please let me know and I will upload the Moorgrund for it.

Credits: Giants Software

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