Mason County Map V1.0

Date : 2023-11-29 20:54:49 Report

Welcome to Mason County...

Map is loosely based off the West Virgina side of the Ohio River Valley Farmlands
I decided on Mason County as it has alot of farming and industrial areas
The Kanawha River dumps into the Ohio River in this area, and is home of the Mothman, Point Pleasant is where he resides

After years away you have made your way back home, A friend let you stay in a carport, it is a place to sleep and out of the weather.
You spent what little savings you had on some very used equipment, pickup and a small field beside your friends place, and a small area down the road
The business across the street has allowed you to park your equipment until you get an place of your own.

You start with baby animals and own all the pens, but not the land they are own, they also are not sellable

Now that your back home it time to see if you can bring this small community back to life like you remember it.
You start with 100k, but depending on what chainsaw you buy, its possible to start from 0,25,50 or 75k. THIS is a start from scratch feature only

40 fields of different sizes, most not worker friendly, and they are small from 0.318 to 3.860 HA
Alfala,Blackbean,Peas,Canola is swathable
Baby animals on map, ducks,goats,bulls,rams are some of them.
Dirt and other materials
Soybean Straw, Corn Straw, Soybean in rows
Several sell points to choose from
Map has several productions, most are new and or redone in a new way, they are custom to map, all need pallets to work
Map produces everything from flour and milk, to junk cars and outhouses, or maybe you wanna roleplay as a septic truck driver, yes it has septic production
Map really has alot to offer to the right player, I hope atleast one person enjoys it

Huge Thank you to my tester Bruce and all the ideas he shared for the map

This map is setup to work with both the Platinum and Premium Expansion Packs, Still playable without, just not as good

This map contains work from the following, Used with permission in no particular order, Thank you all
Gamer Designs
Realistic Gaming Crew
BcBuhler Farms
Taylor Farms
North Modding Company
D3 Machinery
82 Studios
Mountain State Modding
TNT Modding

Prefabs used from modhub

This will most likely be my last map for FS22, It is a combination of everything i've learnt or made.

Credits: Poorboy

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