Osiek Map V1.2

May 22, 2022 9:35 am 497 Downloads

Changes: V. is few corrections. 
-All automatic triggers at the gates and shopping were switched off, causing problems at the entrance. 
-The lighting in the shop has been improved and the tree hovers found have been removed.
-It works with an old save, you don’t have to start over. 


-Error fixed with the absence of trees and plant painting, now you can do it
-added next part (spline) traffic that helps navigation helper
The custom 4x card includes everything FS22 offers and additional plants such as rye, triticale, millet and spelt. Lots of forests, 131 fields, 210 farmlands, all basic productions from the game and more.
I wish you all a lot of fun in the fields of Osiek.
Unfortunately, I was not able to test all features on the map, so if you find something, please report what will be fixed in the updates.


Credits: Yazu

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