Plane 22 Czech Republic V1.1

Date : 2023-09-02 09:19:45 Report

- Map extended towards the village of Pláně (four fields + meadow)
- The map now includes realistic corn textures by default (credit Maize Pack by BenjiFS)
- The map now includes real stubble with track formation by default (credit AWModding + Seriousmods)
- Established a large fenced area for placing placeable industry (and anything else)
- Fixed the behavior of AI drivers in the buyout area (AutoDrive)
- Adjusted behavior of AI drivers at intersections (AutoDrive)
- Fixed glowing windows
- Changed the layout of objects in ZZN, because the stupidity of the AI is endless
- Added small objects in the landscape
- Tweaked unloading points at cow sheds
- Added milking in cowsheds
- Added small BGS
and more . .

Just a few classic places on the border of central and western Bohemia combined into one virtual unit just the way I like it. One large estate marked by time gone by, one livestock farm with cows, one piggery, two buyouts, tech vendor, animal vendor, BGA, and a mid-sized tech field. . don't expect anything more.
The map supports an AI worker on the roads, but you know the AI workers 
The map is not designed for connecting fields, a significant part of the vegetation cannot be cut down correctly, some objects ignore snow, do not expect general support of production chains here, do not even look for forestry support. . The map is not intended for any development or building a farm on a green field, everything you need is already here, just play on the field. Those aren't bugs, that's the intent. Those who lack the mentioned items must look for another map or help themselves in the form of placeables.
The map contains many objects by unknown authors, I thank them all for their contribution to the creation of this map.

The map does not include:
- forestry
- production chains (only free space for placement)
- support for merging fields
- seasons are partially supported (objects without snow)

The Plains 22 map has been updated to version
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Credits: Equira - autor mapy

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