Polska Map Poprawka V1.0

Date : 2024-01-28 16:12:55 Report

Hi! I present to you an updated patch for the Polska Wieś map. Here is a list of changes I made.

Patch V1

-Added purchase
-Moved store
-Possibility to sleep at home on the economy
-Built economy with machines (you can tear it down and build your own)

Patch V2

-Shopping centers set up in various places
-You sell something different in each store (previously there was one store where you sold all products)
-Space to build your own economy
-The store has been moved more to the center of the map
-Increased account balance to 100,000.
-The areas where there are purchases do not belong to you.

Installation guide
Open the downloaded file
Open another file
Copy the "savegame15" file and paste it where your other saves are
Open the “MODPACK” file
Copy mods from it and paste into mods
Enjoy the game!

Credits: Oryginalna mapa- _!harcore!_Poprawka- King Johnny

Download File