Riverside 22 Map V1.4.5

Date : 2023-04-14 19:30:14 Report

Welcome back to Riverside Farms. This fictous map and has been completely overhauled to FS22 standards.

-Fixed sell point Name for contracts

Key features:
- Standard 2x map
- 77 of fields
- 5 active farms for you to choose from
- Multiple areas that with some Tender Love and Care (and a chainsaw) can be reformed into additional farm space
- Custom made animal pens built into the map
- 1 sawmills
- 1 main forest location with additional woodland around map
- 2 large areas to tantalise your creative side. Ideal for production chains or additional yard space
- Plenty of storage space for the largest machines
- Custom soil map for PF
- Buy in bulk using the North and Mid Farm Shop buy points
- Free Lime available at Farms shops
- Reasonably priced Fert Seed and Herbicide also available
- 25 custom collectibles

Disturbed Simulations and Cavalier Roy for the use of UK GEO Version 4

Credits to; Cavalier Roy and OlaHaldor for pointing me in the right direction

- Removed "some inner" hedges
- fixed minor issues
- fixed floating tree

-Fixed bunkers


- Added "Direct sell" to some sell points
- Remove some crops from sell points added to others
- Tidy up xml work
- Fixed pigs eating wrong way
- Removed floating tree
- Lowered capacity of cow at the main farm


Before updating lower the number of cow's in the cow pen as you'll lose most of them

- New Save game required? NO
- Corrected some vehicle's in New farmer
- Custom soil map (will have rebuy the new soil maps)
- Fixed main silo for Canola
- Removed Horse pen
- Removed sheds that are not needed
- Improved AI traffic
- Removed floating tree
- Fixed BGA on New Farmer
- Fixed markers at farm shop
- New icon and preview image's
- Fixed pig farm silo
- SuchSneak for the Relight environment
- All pasture are now Maize Plus ready (PC only)

Change to the terrain around Field 13 leading into the placeable area has been created.
This will ONLY show when you start a new save only, On existing SAVE GAME'S you will NEED to smooth these out.

Credits: MissyB

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