Riverview Map V3.0

Date : 2021-12-17 12:56:09 Report

Riverview is work in progress however the map is now in a fully functional state with multiple production buildings avilable to sell your goods at or purchase. There are 47 fields of which some are pastures. Your starting land has a large cow barn, house, sheds, silage clamp as well as a silo with plenty of open space for more placeables. There is a second farm that has two large Pig barns and a large Chicken barn, silo and some sheds.

Version 3
Traffic Splines in place
Tree’s changed to improve visibility
Changes at the bakery (requires new game or porting of files from a fresh game to current game to keep save file compatible)
Terrain fixes
Fixes errors introduced with latest game patch

There is no traffic on this map so you can’t use the hire AI to drive to a destination (this will come in a later update). There are cutable hedges, all other none cutable hedges can be driven through but will not allow bales and harvster headers through them.
There is no traffic on this map so you can’t use the hire AI to drive to a destination.
There is still much work to be done in terms of replacing old buildings, walls etc however the log is clean other than the line we are all using from FS19 “densityMap_fruits.gdm’ has elements very far out from the cell edge (56.51% expansion)”. For the loggers out there, you will find plenty of tree’s to cut down.
Please remember this is a wip, things are subject to change and i have no set date as to when updates will be released and no final release date as of yet.

Credits: Luke159

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