Schlüter 2500 Vl V1.1

Date : 2022-06-02 09:15:40 Report

Price: 124.000$
Power: 240HP
Max. speed: 35 kph

Changelog 1.1:
*Added speedometer lighting
*Added optional front hydraulics
*Front hydraulics can be painted
*Added optional warning signs
*Added a new shop picture
*Correct speed added in the shop (32 kph -> 35 kph)
*Added optional gear shift
*Added additional steering types (four-wheel steering, front steering and crab steering left & right)
*New color (Schlueter Silver)
*Sliding doors in the chassis can now be opened
*Rotating lights selectable (original or LED)]

Credits: MTL Modding Team

Download File (4.6 MB)