Sokole Map V2.0

Date : 2023-07-03 00:00:23 Report

A map with an idyllic European climate with medium to small fields. Terrain rich in hills and valleys, improved, modernized in version 2!

ATTENTION! The map requires 13 mods from modhub to start the game. These are buildings and fences per farm. The game will download them automatically when you start a new save. Unfortunately, it is not possible to continue the game on the old save from map version 1.0.

- 165 fields including meadows

- 2 playable farms - smaller in older style and bigger in newer style

- On both farms, buildings and fences can be freely sold

- Changed forests - new models of conifers

What has been improved in version 2?

- Numbering of fields has been corrected

- Fixed farmlands (can be combined now to each other)

- Rebuilt main villag

- New static models on the map (paralax, frost)

- New models of main roads

- Improved dirt roads

- New PDAs

- Changed map lighting

- Changed map end environment

- Changed original painting textures and added new ones

- Added soil 360 (multiteren)

- Added stubble compaction

- Shops rebuilt

- Liming station moved

- Many minor visual fixes

We wish you a nice time on the map.


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