La Ferme De La Vallee Map V1.0

Date : 2024-01-04 12:48:27 Report

On this European style map, you will have 45 fields, you will have the choice with the addition of crops such as alfalfa, clover, alfalfa, lavender, buckwheat, hemp, mustard seed, peas, lentil, tobacco and hemp.

You will have a main farm with all the animals in it. pigs and cows are curable.
You will have to save and return to the game once you have bought and fed the cows, you will have to do the same for the pigs so that the manure spawns.

you have 2 placeable areas on the map.
A bulk sales point has been added, you can buy: Fodder, lime, fertilizer, seeds, mineral supplement, total mixed ration, manure.

You will have the choice of selling your crops and your productions in the numerous points of sale:
- 2 cereal cooperatives
- 1 grocer
- 1 grain mill
- 1 candy
- 1 spinning
- 1 wine cooperative
- 1 livestock trader
- 1 BGA
- 1 sawmill
- 1 sugar factory
- 1 clothing factory
- 1 lime production plant
- 1 spinning
- 1 dairy
- 1 bakery
- 1 restaurant
- 1 lavender plant

a big thank you to Steph, Jeremy, and Ludo.

Credits: franchou Steph le Fermier jeremy16du80 lbn43

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