Village Yagodnoe Map V1.0

May 23, 2022 8:17 am 147 Downloads

The map "Village of Yagodnoe" was created on the basis of a real area based on the village where the author was born and raised.

On the map
- 65 fields

In addition to default crops:
- Linen
- Buckwheat
- Peas

- Canning factory
- Groats factory
- Fisheries
- Oil extraction plant
- Bakery
- Dairy
- Spinning and weaving factory
- flour mill
- Sugar and starch plant
- Greenhouses
- Grain cleaning, disinfectant (seed production)
- Production of animal feed
- Stable
- Pigsty
- Cowsheds

4. Forests
5. Quarries with sand and stone.


Credits: FS_POWER

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