Zd Neveklov Map V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-05-13 16:10:13 Report

Hi guys, after a long deliberation, I am giving here to download my map of Lhota u Neveklov, where we have been arguing as ZD Neveklov since 2013, I made it mainly as a memory of one person who unfortunately can no longer be here with us.

Now something about the map:
The map has been completely modified because FS13 and FS22 is quite a jump so the only thing left is the DEM file which determines the terrain the rest is done from scratch so that's why you'll see a lot of origo things but maybe it will change over time because it's probably not the only version which will be released :)

More or less, the map has everything it needs are there: optional difficulties, land purchase, tasks, video game search, in short, everything you would find in an origo map

As for the famous AI (original worker), Márty and I tried it in different ways, and the result is such that it theoretically goes where you want but there is no guarantee that with every machine (depending on size) but I will not affect it because he himself the whole thing is still in its infancy so I probably recommend downloading something like Autodrive or CP you will probably have it easier because I was catching the nerves of the famous AI as I had to constantly change points so that the goal was achievable: D

The map has:
- 01 Farm
- 01 Farm (ZD nevelkov only in difficulty - beginner)
- 21 Fields
- 05 Bow (difficulty only - beginner)
- 12 Production processes (so far)

Next to download (no necessity but who wants to be comfortable and does not want to catch nerves with an origo helper):
Autodrive map (insert into savegame, must be in Autodrive modes !!!)

Please keep the original link!

Credits: Kris

Download File