Courseplay V6.4.0.2

June 19, 2021 11:54 pm 85 Downloads

fixes frontloader for mode9
fixes working light
fixes temporary reverse out of bunker course

enabled debugchannels for none dev version
New BunkerSiloAIDriver
Simplified Mode9 course
Mode10 choose the work based on attached implement
Improovements in pushing chaff with Mode10
Ropa Maus5 now works in Mode9
Course generator settings are now saved in the vehicle.xml
Some tweaks for Mode2
Last used Mode should now be saved correctly
different fixes

ModDesc and icon prepare for ModHub
Some corrections and additions for modHub
fixes #7196 untill we have a better solution some day.
Some ModHub fixes
Changed Version format.
removed not used files
changed the fieldscan dialog, but would need a new line to be more clear, also don't know what error it created...
Remove mipmap from even I don't see the reason for this as it is just 'not necessary'
mipmap fixes
Update CpManager.lua
Hopefully better understandable how this Info screen works.
fixed last texture problem
so much about we don't need this file.


Credits: Tensuko

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