FS19 Standard Holmer and Ropa machines potato ready – simply with a small script! 

Fix for the error: attempt to index field ‘fruitTypes’ (a nil value) ’

Small script, which makes it possible to harvest potatoes with the Holmer and Ropa machines

Hello everyone!
Have you always wanted to harvest potatoes with the Holmer Terra Dos T4, but didn’t want to convert it and, above all, didn’t use two different cutting units? Then this little zip is just right for you. Simply put it in the mod folder and the standard Terra Dos T4 can harvest potatoes and sugar beets with the standard HR9 cutting unit. The standard Terra Felis, the Ropa Tiger and the Ropa Euro Mouse are also equipped with potatoes.


Credits: Ifko[nator]

Download File (19 KB)

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