- Holmer TV 585 and 435 can now be used to unload from one to another without issues
- improved some visual folding issues on the Zunhammer GlideFix 15
- fixed default pipe position of Holmer MB35, fixed filling while not unfolded, fixed discharge node position, fixed unloading effects
- Cleaned up some AO issues across all Holmer Pack vehicles and tools
- Made end pipe on Holmer GB25 transparent
- Adjusted some material colors on all Holmer Pack vehicles and tools
- Improved physics on Holmer TV 435 to prevent slipping and driving behavior
- Adjusted Decals on Holmer TV 585
- Adjusted some skinning across all Holmer Pack vehicles and tools
- Fixed animations on Holmer MB35
- Adjusted working width of Zunhammer GlideFix 15
- Adjusted crab steering behavior of Holmer TV 435 & 585

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: GIANTS Software

Download File (127.6 MB)

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