Stappenback 2020 Map V1

June 19, 2020 12:57 pm 289 Downloads

Welcome back to Stappenbach!

Ever since you left Stappenbach, things have been going downhill. Many farms had to be abandoned and the economy has been weakened.
Return to the place where it all began!

Choose one of four starting farms, buy fields and machines and earn money.
Expand and rebuild the old farms. But first you have to demolish all buildings and cut down the trees before you can create your own.

Enjoy many new features. Nearly all objects have been replaced with newer ones. The map is prepared for Seasons, ManureHose and MaizePlus.

Required Mods:
Old Mashinery Shed
Composite Machine Sheds
Large Grain Storages


Credits: LS-Modcompany

Download File (474.5 MB)

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