Dzika Dolina Map V1.0.0.2

April 27, 2023 10:42 pm 134 Downloads

The map was created only with my thoughts, what brought my head - I poured it onto the card. I hope that the fictitious map is not an obstacle for you to spend hundreds of hours on it.

I started making the map on November 8, 2022 until February 22, 2023. I wanted you to feel comfortable on it and I made it for everyone - it has straight and angled fields, with the latter predominating. Mostly mountainous areas, but there will also be more flat ones.

Things the map has:

-100 collectibles,

-228 farmlands,

-190 fields, including 21 meadows,

-a couple of forests,

-very diverse terrain,

-Changed tree textures,

-Multiterrain (so-called 360° soil),

-2 farms,

- A few plots for building a farm,

-New terrain painting,

-Changed textures from some crops,

- Changed stubble values along with pressing,


- biogas plant,

-Gas station,

- animal trader,


-small gravel pit,


-Machine shop,

-Filling water from most water ponds,

- Road and pedestrian traffic,

-About 6 grain purchases,

-After 1-4 purchases for the rest of the crops,

- Polish license plates,

-Changed sowing dates,

-Changed lighting

-Custom map for Precision Farming

-And many more, check for yourself.

Important!!! On my channel there is a tutorial on how to replace the textures of the second farm. If you don't, the buildings will look different.

Fixed things: (v1.0.0.1)

- Removed spline at stop

-Removed trees by the garage on the second farm

-Slot 106 can now be sold

-Fixed collisions on buildings

-Added purchase for: Furniture, Fabrics, Clothes, Cotton and another purchase of silage

- Fixed preview for other resolutions

-Improved road signs (collision disabled)

- Fixed some collisions

-Improved visual and playable aspects, e.g. terrain unevenness

-Improved fertilization/liming maps etc.

- Removed weights (white icons)

-Added new mods to required mods

-Fixed two farmlands (2in1)

-Removed werewolf sounds at night

-Moved the spawn of machines in the shop

- Raised trees on farms

-Improved collectibles, now after finding a given category, the collectibles appear in the shop on the shelves

-Fixed most testrunner bugs

-And many more

Stuff fixed v1.0.0.2

- Fixed bug with terrainShader shader

If you had version before and you download version - you do not need to create a new save.


Credits: Jankus

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