Elmcreek Map V4.0

Date : 2021-12-17 13:14:10 Report

8 courtyards, 9 meadows + 2 new fields.
Instead of 62 buyable areas, now 104 areas.
Changes to the yards in the corners, the terrain straightened, the fences removed.
Collectables removed.
The sheep farm, pig farm, cow farm, horse farm are now free of the decorative houses and can be built on.
1 yard at fields 20/21, 1 next to the BGA on the right, 1 next to field 22, 1 next to field 25.
9 additional meadows and 2 new fields generated.
Ideal for multiplayer – I’ll be happy to adapt the map, please write to me.

Credits: Enzo Dino

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