North East End Map V1.0.1.1

Date : 2023-06-28 17:58:54 Report

Welcome to the North-East End.

- Fixed manure filling up the BGA automatically infinitely
- Fixed ground levels
New savegame required

This map is inspired by the typical areas of eastern Veneto on the border of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
We have taken inspiration from these areas but it is not a faithful replica of a particular area, but we have tried to reproduce a little what the landscape offers where we creators come from and we met halfway.
On the map you will find:
- 128 field from (0.27ha to 6.95ha)
- 4 selling points
- 3 production points (Mill, Bakery, Dairy)
- A winery production
- 2 farms
- Animals present cattle
- 2 Villages
- Vineyard Belussera (typical plant in the Treviso/Venice area)

Mods are required for this to work, please respect them.
The idea is to start in Easy mode so that you have an already running farm with all the means to start your work.
There is a main farm used for animal husbandry while a second one is used for pure arable land.
The map will no longer be updated in the future.

Mod required for harvesting Belussera FS22 manual harvest (external sites).

Credits: NPG Scallari Zioficus

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