Savonmaa Map Beta V1.0

April 13, 2022 8:21 pm 189 Downloads

You got enough of stressing life in the city, sold everything and moved back to your roots in the eastern Finland.
The scenery is beautiful but the terrain is rough and suitable only for small scale farming. There are plenty of trees, maybe you should buy a sawmill?

The map includes:
-13 fields
-thousands of trees
-buyable sawmill and grain mill
-selling points for almost all of the products
-vehicle shop and animal dealer
-free slurry and manure
-realistic scandinavian weather
-custom crop calendar and finnish license plates for player's vehicles (not made by me)
-and much more

You can not buy those farmlands where your neighbour's house is and a few vehicles are for decorative purpose only. (they show on map but you can not use them.)

Known issues:
items that should be hidden during the winter do appear when you load a save. Things go back to normal after midnight.

Increased Light Range - It will be dark during the winter, so this is a must.
Portable Sleep Trigger - Because there is none by default.
Kesla ND144HD - If you do forestry, this is so much better than the original.


Credits: Agame78

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