My Andalusian Map V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-08-18 11:22:42 Report

- Preparations for the incorporation of mining, with makinas and linked with makinaria transport ships and transport of grains and liquids.
- Fixed Eliteman sales area
- Fixed effect of the new leek technology machine.
- Coming soon carrot technology, mining and ships.

(As always I recommend that you update the map to the latest version so that everything works correctly since all the Eliteman pack or creations are linked to the map. (Patience with the arrival of more creations and forgive this absence, it is holiday season).

Enjoy the content that I am offering and see you on twicht, where I show the progress of my Andalusian map, greetings and thanks.

My Andalusian Map:
Here we can start an adventure, which will immerse you in precision technology, we will also find new cultivation technologies.
This has just begun, it will bring mining, construction, flooding and high altitude planting with sprinkler irrigation.
Be very attentive to the Eliteman Pack, which is still missing the Mega modular factory that is focused on dairy products and many more derivatives.
The machines that complement the leek and carrot technologies are missing.
Everything ready to start this new adventure that will revolutionize Farming Simulator. Do not miss it.

Required mods
Pivot Eliteman
Electric pallet truck
Precision Farming Eliteman
Mega Factory Pack


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